pybricks options

Pybricks is an open source project with several features available exclusively to supporters. Your support helps us continuously improve Pybricks with exciting new features, user guides, and inspiring example projects. Read more about our mission here.

Coding with Python is free. Coding with blocks is available exclusively to our supporters. You can get access with a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase. Thanks for your support!

If you’re undecided, check out our introduction to see how Pybricks helps students, teachers, robotics teams, and hobbyists learn to code and get the most out of their LEGO® kits.

Option 1: Use Patreon

A monthly subscription via the creator platform Patreon is a good option if you’d like to try out Pybricks block coding for free and cancel anytime.

  Join on Patreon

Once you’re signed up, you can unlock the app using your Patreon account when you open a block coding project.

If you decide to switch to a license code later, don’t forget to cancel your monthly subscription. You can stay on or rejoin as a free member if you still want to receive news updates.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Option 2: Purchase a licence

You can purchase a licence in our store. You’ll receive an email with one or more codes that you can activate as shown below.

  Visit the Pybricks store

A licence works well if you prefer a one-time purchase without making any accounts. Localized payment options are available. The license works even when you’re offline.

We have licenses for individuals, teams, schools, and companies. Either annual or perpetual. Read what this means here.

Before you purchase, please make sure your system is compatible. To be sure, you can follow the installation guide and run your first program without special access. Then you’ll know that it works, and the hardest part is already out of the way!

By purchasing a license, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Please contact us at for more options, volume discounts, or participation in our affiliate program.

How to unlock the app with a license

You’ll be prompted to sign in automatically when you open a block project in the Pybricks app. Or just click the user icon in the top right corner.

Enter your licence code and click Activate, as shown below.

You can see the status of your license by clicking on the user icon again. This also lets you deactivate your license so you can use it on another device.

If you experience any issues signing in, please email us. For technical support and questions, please use the support page.

Signin instructions.
1. Open login dialog.
2. Enter your key.
3. Activate.

What does “perpetual” mean?

Some of our licenses have a perpetual duration. This means that you will not be charged again after the initial purchase. You will receive future updates and add-ons for free.

You can even deactivate the license and use it on another device.

However, we cannot guarantee indefinite support or commitment that the web app will function flawlessly forever. As technology evolves and circumstances change, maintaining compatibility and providing support for older devices, operating systems, and browsers may become impractical or untenable.

This is why we kindly ask you to run a test program first. You can check compatibility, try the installation and run your first program before making a purchase. That way you know that everything works, and the hardest part is already out of the way!

Please see the terms and conditions for more details.