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Software Licenses

By using Pybricks software, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the software license agreements. This includes both software developed by Pybricks and included 3rd-party software.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of software distributed by Pybricks and where to find the relevant license.

The Pybricks Code app

Licenses for Pybricks Code can be found in the About menu of the app.

Pybricks MicroPython v3.x firmware for LEGO® Powered Up smart hubs

Pybricks Code includes firmware for the various supported LEGO® Powered Up smart hubs. The firmware for each hub has a unique license.

Pybricks MicroPython v2.x for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3

This software is not distributed directly by Pybricks. It is distributed through The license for the pybricks-micropython executable is found in /usr/share/doc/pybricks-micropython/copyright in the distributed SD card image.

LEGO® Education also distributes a repackaged version of the ev3dev SD card image. The version distributed by LEGO® Education has an additional End User License Agreement (EULA) contained in the downloadable .zip file provided by LEGO® Education.

The ev3dev and LEGO® SD card images contain additional software not provided by Pybricks.