If your recent LEGO set has batteries, chances are it can run Pybricks. No matter your favorite LEGO theme, you can get creative and start inventing. Here’s just a few highlights for inspiration!


Pybricks is becoming increasingly popular among FLL and WRO teams, who have successfully obtained high scores and competition wins.

Video credit: FLL Team OFDL Robotics Taiwan with a 550 point run

Video credit: FLL Team Exploding Ketchup with a 550 point run

This is a good short example of accurate navigation with Pybricks in competitions.

Video credit: WRO team from ProgrammierenFuerKids

You can do much more beyond competitions, too!

LEGO® SPIKE Essential

Despite having just two ports, the SPIKE Essential set lets you get creative since Pybricks programs truly run on the hub, instead of running on the tablet. You can use the button as a sensor in your programs too.


While the official LEGO® MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set is discontinued, Pybricks will support it long after the official app disappears. Pybricks run a lot faster too, so you can even make a robot that balances itself on the ball that comes with the set.

Video credit: Dave Parker from OneKitProjects

LEGO® Technic

With Pybricks, your LEGO® Technic hub works just like a MINDSTORMS® hub. This means it can run all by itself, without having your phone connected all the time.

You can also connect the LEGO train remote or the Xbox Controller directly to the hub, for very responsive operation without having to work with a touch screen.

LEGO® City Trains

Out of the box, LEGO trains are primarily remote controlled. You can do that with Pybricks too, but you can also make your trains run by themselves! By adding a color sensor, you can detect markers on the track. This lets you make them work interactively, so you don’t need to build endless loops.

You can automate your rail switches too.


With Pybricks, your LEGO BOOST set becomes much like a junior MINDSTORMS! You can learn many of the same coding and building techniques, with a much lower cost set.

The same applies to the City Hub, which you can use to automate all kinds of LEGO sets.

Hub to Hub communication

Because Pybricks makes all your smart LEGO hubs the same, they can all run autonomous programs and communicate with each other wirelessly. This lets you create big machines or a network of small machines that work together.

You can even take this technique beyond LEGO hubs. This lets you communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as certain Arduino boards.