42099: Technic Off-Roader: Driving

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42099: Technic Off-Roader: Driving

This project shows how to make the car drive and steer. Use it as a starting point for your own programs.

Basic driving and steering

This program centers the steering motor, and defines a function called drive which can be used to control the vehicle. Further details are given as comments in the program.

from pybricks.pupdevices import Motor, ColorDistanceSensor
from pybricks.parameters import Port, Direction, Stop
from pybricks.tools import wait

# Initialize the motors
steer = Motor(Port.C)
front = Motor(Port.A, Direction.COUNTERCLOCKWISE)
rear = Motor(Port.B, Direction.COUNTERCLOCKWISE)

# Lower the acceleration so the car starts and stops realistically.

# Find the steering endpoint on the left and right. The difference between them
# is the total angle it takes to go from left to right. The middle is in between.
left_end = steer.run_until_stalled(-200, then=Stop.HOLD)
right_end = steer.run_until_stalled(200, then=Stop.HOLD)

# We are now at the right limit. We reset the motor angle to the limit value,
# so that the angle is 0 when the steering mechanism is centered.
limit = (right_end - left_end)//2
steer.run_target(speed=200, target_angle=0, then=Stop.COAST)

# Given a motor speed (deg/s) and a steering motor angle (deg), this function
# makes the car move at the desired speed and turn angle. The car keeps moving
# until you give another drive command.
def drive(drive_motor_speed, steer_angle):
    # Start running the drive motors
    # Limit the steering value for safety, and then start the steer motor.
    limited_angle = max(-limit, min(steer_angle, limit))
    steer.run_target(200, limited_angle, wait=False)
# Drive forward for 5 seconds.
drive(800, 0)

# Drive backward for 5 seconds.
drive(-800, 0)

# Drive forward to the right for 5 seconds.
drive(800, 90)

# Drive backward to the left for 5 seconds.
drive(-800, -90)

# Stop smoothly and center the steer.
drive(0, 0)