With Pybricks now installed, we’ll show you how the hub works.

Turning the hub on and off

Click (press and release) the green button to turn the hub on. Press and hold it for three seconds to turn it off.

Understanding the hub status light

The status light helps you see what the hub is doing, and monitor status information such as low battery.

Normal operation

You’ll see these light patterns most of the time.

  Pattern Description
blue 100ms, off 200ms, blue 100ms, off 2200ms Two blue blinks Waiting for a connection.
solid blue Solid blue Connected. No program is running.
breathing blue 2000ms cycle Fading blue A program is running.


These warning lights take priority over the normal light behavior.

  Pattern Description
low-battery Two long orange blinks Low battery.

During installation

These patterns are only visible when installing or restoring the firmware.

  Pattern Description
light purple 500ms, off 100ms Slow light-purple blinks Waiting for update.
red 500ms, green 500ms, blue 500ms, off 100ms Red, green, and blue blinks Updating.